Kwesi’s Holiday Adventure: A Gift of Literacy

This holiday season, join author Kenneth Braswell and a dedicated circle of friends and supporters in a heartwarming global initiative—"Kwesi’s Holiday Adventure: A Gift of Literacy." Our mission is simple yet profound: to gift the enchanting tale of "Kwesi and the Ogre" to children across the United States, Ghana, and Kenya, weaving a tapestry of shared experiences through the joy of reading.

More than a Book

"Kwesi’s Holiday Adventure: A Gift of Literacy" is more than just a book donation drive; it's a celebration of culture, education, and the boundless potential of every child.

Kenneth Braswell, with the support of fellow literacy advocates, educators, and community leaders, envisions a world where every child, regardless of geographic and economic barriers, holds the key to limitless imagination and knowledge in their hands.

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Every Donation Counts

Join us in a campaign of hope and discovery with "Kwesi's Holiday Adventure: A Gift of Literacy." Your support does more than just place a book in a child's hands; it ignites a spark of imagination, fosters a love for learning, and bridges cultural divides. As the festive lights twinkle and the spirit of giving fills the air, we invite you to be part of this noble journey. With every page turned, a child's horizon expands. Together, let's turn the joy of reading into a gift that lasts a lifetime.

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About Kwesi and the Ogre

"Kwesi and the Ogre" is a vibrant graphic novel that transports young readers to the heart of Africa, where a young boy named Kwesi embarks on an extraordinary adventure. Brimming with curiosity and a spirit of exploration, Kwesi discovers a gentle ogre named Kakaye, and together they journey beyond the mountains that border their village.

A Gift of Literacy

We believe that literacy is the cornerstone of a brighter future. By placing "Kwesi and the Ogre" into the hands of children, we are not only promoting reading skills but also nurturing empathy, cultural awareness, and a love for learning that transcends continents.

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A Tale of Friendship

Their tale is one of friendship, courage, and the unraveling of mysteries long held by the land they call home. Written with warmth and wisdom, this book celebrates the joy of discovery and the power of stories to connect us all. It's a poignant reminder that heroes come in all sizes and that friendship knows no bounds.

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