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Kenneth Braswell is a visionary social entrepreneur and an unwavering champion of responsible fatherhood. As the architect and heart of Fathers Incorporated, an influential nonprofit headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, he has been a beacon for responsible fatherhood and healthy familial bonds.

Fueled by his personal experiences and an unyielding commitment to uplift fathers and their families, Braswell brought Fathers Incorporated to life in 2004. His vision was clear - to construct a sanctuary of support, resources, and training for fathers wrestling with their roles in their children's lives.

If you desire abundant blessings, you must have the stamina it takes to harness them… short ropes don’t catch fast horses.

Kenneth Braswell
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kenneth braswell

Under Braswell's inspirational guidance, Fathers Incorporated has become a leading force in the national dialogue on fatherhood. The organization has harnessed innovation to usher fathers past the barriers hindering their involvement in their children's lives. These initiatives include empowering fatherhood development programs, job readiness training, and parenting education sessions.

In the words of an impressed observer, "Mr. Braswell has tirelessly advocated for responsible fatherhood education and promotion through participation in 632 fatherhood-related speaking or training events spanning 33 states and five countries from 2011 through 2021."

Braswell's expert commentary on fatherhood, parenting, and family wellness is highly sought-after. His insights have graced numerous media platforms such as CNN, NPR, and The Washington Post. Recognized for his powerful contribution to the field of fatherhood and family advocacy, Braswell commands attention as the weekly host of the I Am Dad podcast and Sideline Dad.

Braswell's pen breathes life into the narrative of fatherhood and family relationships. His writing, centered around the Black community, boldly ventures into the complexities and triumphs of parenthood, empowering fathers across the country with resources and guidance.


Braswell's work and focus has been on the development of support services for fathers through capacity building of not-for-profit organizations and education of the broader public, to include policy makers, government, business, faith-based and philanthropist.


As a national motivational speaker, presenter, and trainer, he addresses to both youth and adults on a wide range of topics that can help them achieve success in various aspects of life.


A seasoned author, Braswell's vast catalogue of books, inclusive of children's literature and adult reads, reflect his profound comprehension of fatherhood dynamics. Among his cherished works are "When the Tear Won't Fall," "Daddy, There's a Noise Outside," "Daddy Is Feeling Blue," "Daddy's Family Tree," “Daddy, Can I Cry?,” "Unstoppable Me," “Kwesi and the Ogre,” “Santa Dads of Harmony Street,” and "Strength of the Father: Affirmations for Black Dads." His books shine a light on the diverse facets of fatherhood, from tending to emotional well-being to navigating the world as a parent. His "Spit'in Anger Guidebook: Sons Healing their father wounds" is a testament to his unwavering commitment to mental health, offering tools for sons grappling with emotional trauma.

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In 2021, Braswell's extraordinary efforts caught the attention of none other than Oprah Winfrey, and the OWN Network honored him for his commendable work with Black Fathers. The Atlanta Business Chronicle too, has recognized Braswell's efforts, bestowing upon him the Small Businessperson of the Year Award - Servant Entrepreneur, and in 2020, the Leader in Corporate Citizenship Award.

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Braswell, the charismatic speaker, and the resourceful social entrepreneur, uses his words to spark change and inspire. He has touched countless lives, encouraging fathers to stand tall in their roles and providing support through their parenthood journey.

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Shawn Dove Kenneth is an emerging and vibrant voice on the frontlines of America’s growing responsible fatherhood movement — a voice whose time has come to be heard!
Shawn Dove Open Society Institute
Terrie Thank you, dear brother Kenneth for showing up–and using your light and your journey to wake us up. This work is necessary.
Terrie M. Williams Author, Black Pain
Frederick Excellence is defined by passion. Without passion, there can be no excellence. Kenneth is an alive definition of passion in his work as founder of Fathers, Inc.
Frederick Johnson II CEO , Communion, Inc.