Responsible Fatherhood Services

Mission & Focus

Braswell's work involves capacity building services to thousands of organizations working to ensure that fathers contribute to the healthy well-being of their children.

His Work Priorities

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National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC)

Fathers Incorporated has been instrumental in its extensive collaboration with the National Responsible Fatherhood Clearinghouse (NRFC). As part of its mission to advance the message of responsible fatherhood, Fathers Incorporated has played a critical role in driving the NRFC's objectives.

Under the effective leadership of CEO Kenneth Braswell, who is also the director of the NRFC, Fathers Incorporated has worked diligently to disseminate resources, develop programming, and facilitate the exchange of research and proven practices that help to enhance the capacity of fathers to engage fully in the lives of their children.

This aligns seamlessly with the NRFC's mission to provide, facilitate, and disseminate current research and proven, evidence-based strategies that will encourage and strengthen fathers and families.

Moynihan Institute for Fatherhood Research and Policy

The Moynihan Institute for Fatherhood Research and Policy (MIFRP) utilizes the historical work of Moynihan as a base to research and introduce policy that will positively impact Black families, with the father as the focal point within the family.

MIFRP devotes specific attention to addressing Health and Wellness, Popular Media Representations, Family Stability, and the Educational Involvement of Black fathers.

Our basic assumption is that there is no fatherless child as all children have a biological father just as they have a biological mother. Fathers and father-figures have the potential to be resources to their children, the mother of their children, and their communities at-large.

Million Fathers March

The Power of Presence: Fathers Engaged in Education

The Million Fathers March is an inspiring national movement aiming to amplify the critical role of fathers and father figures in children's education and development. Launched in 2004 by The Black Star Project and now coordinated by Fathers Incorporated, the event calls on fathers, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other male mentors to escort their children to school on a designated day each year.

It serves as a powerful demonstration of unity and commitment to education, showcasing the collective resolve of fathers across the country to be active participants in their children's learning journey.

Gentle Warriors Academy

Gentle Warriors Academy is program of Fathers Incorporated committed to empowering fathers and strengthening families. With a focus on responsible fatherhood, co-parenting, and life skills, the academy offers a wide variety of programs and support services tailored to the unique needs of fathers and families.

Through workshops, counseling, and parental training, Gentle Warriors Academy fosters positive role models and compassionate leaders, creating a nurturing environment for fathers to develop essential skills and become strong advocates for their children's well-being.

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I Am Dad

Podcast by Kenneth Braswell

The I AM Dad Podcast, hosted by Kenneth Braswell, is a powerful platform dedicated to the experiences, joys, challenges, and triumphs of Black fatherhood. Our podcast seeks to delve into the heart of the Black familial experience by bringing stories of Black fathers to the forefront. We explore topics such as emotional vulnerability, personal growth, the impact of societal stereotypes, and the resilience of Black fathers in overcoming adversities.

About the Podcast

Fathers and Families of Georgia, LLC

Fathers and Families of Georgia, LLC is a for-profit, S corporation subsidiary of Fathers Incorporated, a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting responsible fatherhood and supporting strong families.

Established to engage in contractual related work for Fathers Incorporated, Fathers and Families of Georgia, LLC expands the organization's mission by providing specialized services in technical assistance, strategic planning, technology development, social media management, and product development related to the field of fatherhood, family, marriage, and relationships.